Masked Shrike at Spurn

1st winter Masked Shrike at Spurn © Tristan Reid

Back in September 2014 I was lucky enough to travel to Spurn with friends to see the 1st winter Masked Shrike that had been present for a day or so. On arrival it didn’t take long before we were enjoying good ‘scope views of the bird.

Masked Shrike at Sourn © Tristan Reid

This was only the third record of this species in the UK (the first being in Fife (2004) and the the second on the Isles of Scilly (2006).

Masked Shrike, Fife © Tristan Reid

According to HBW the Masked Shrike is distributed on the South Balkan Peninsula and Asia Minor, south to Levant, including Cyprus, also in North Iraq and Western Iran (Zagros Mountains); range limits uncertain, perhaps includes Southern Turkmenistan and NW Afghanistan. Winters in sub-Saharan Africa and South-western Arabia.

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