Red-necked Footman, Speckled Wood and a few more Painted Lady’s!

Red-necked Footman © Tristan Reid

Yesterday we had a nice family walk at Setmurthy Woods. The wooded area was busy with Speckled Wood butterflies which was good to see. However Erin spotted the star insect in the form of the locally scarce Red-necked Footman!

Red-necked Footman © Tristan Reid

This was a great find by Erin and the first I have seen for years! The Painted Lady butterfly influc continues with at least ten individuals noted.

Painted Lady © Tristan Reid
Speckled Wood © Tristan Reid

The last bonus was great views of a single Red Admiral butterfly.

Red Admiral © Tristan Reid
Red Admiral © Tristan Reid

All in all, a very pleasant and productive walk!

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